Graphics: Borderlands and Wonderlands

Project Type: University Assignment

Technology Stack: Unreal Engine



This small project was also part of my graphics module. The main inspiration was taken from Borderlands and Tiny Tina Wonderlands games.
As part of this project, the author has done:

  • Multiple edge-detection algorithms (Sobel, Prewitt, Laplacian, Scharr)
  • Edge detection outline shader (outline width can be set using curve assets)
  • 8-layer cell-shader with cross-hatching effect for the lowest lighting intensity
  • Multi-colour minimap (inspired by Wonderlands) based on scene depth
  • Explored animation graphs and skeletal meshes with sockets
  • Basic parkour system without animations
  • Learned a way to implement a glitch effect

Once again, I don’t think this work applies to me, but it does showcase a basic understanding of graphics programming and familiarity with Unreal Engine.