Houdini Procedural Content Generation

Project Type: University Assignment

Technology Stack: Houdini FX, Unreal Engine



This work was done as part of the Procedural Content Generation module. The main idea was to learn about PCG approaches while utilizing Houdini FX and Unreal software. The main inspiration was the post-apocalyptic world from Horizon Zero Dawn.

The main generation aspects are being done in Houdini and later were imported in Unreal using the extension. The main aspects that were implemented are:

  • Multi-layer terrain generation with erosion
  • Each layer has custom assets and materials
  • WFC-generated template for building placement for each spot
  • Grammar approach for buildings themselves
  • Physics accurate building simulation was planned, but the hardware could not run it 🙁
  • Procedural animations were explored but not implemented on a good level
  • Some asset scattering was done using new Unreal PCG toolset

In general, I learned a lot about Houdini and its integration in Unreal, and different ways how PCG might be integrated into development. For future, I would love to try to implement the same generation using pure code and algorithms.