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I always found AR and VR interesting technologies, but I never could find time or a way to apply them. This time, I had an interesting idea of applying AR to a real-world problem and gave myself 12 hours. While travelling, I faced the inability to understand what the dish was, what it was made of or what it looked like, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to try out new things.

I utilized the Vuforia with image targets and plane detection for better “dish” placement. As this project would ideally be used for different places, I implemented a highly customizable UI system based on components. Additionally, because the application is meant to be run on phones, I made it so that only 1 page exists at a time and is populated dynamically in runtime. UI itself is scalable and uses Layout components.

Ultimately, I was quite happy learning about AR in Unity, as well as improving my knowledge of adaptive UI. However, expanding the idea into a full restaurant menu with payment and order systems would be nice one day.