Project Type: Game Jam

Game Jam: Global Game Jam (48 hours)

Technology Stack: Unreal Engine (Blueprints)

Role: Programmer


This game was created as a part of Global Game Jam I participated from 28th until 30th February. Initially, I have not even planned to participate, but when I went there and some random people asked to team up, I decided it is my chance to try something new. First, we needed to select an engine to work with, and as a teammate who was proficient with Unreal, I realized that is my chance to learn some bits of it.

The theme for the jam was “duality” and from the beginning, we came up with the idea of combining object defence, FPS and 4 base elements: fire, water, earth, and air. After creating a to-do list and splitting tasks by roles – I was responsible for programming camera, weapon and spawn systems, while my teammate was working on AI, code reviewing (in this case blueprints), level design, searching and integrating different props and overall view of the game.

After 30 hours of straight learning and coding, all the systems were implemented, and it was time to relax a little. When we came back, there were 8 hours left, so we started polishing different features, including fixing a few bugs, balancing enemy waves, implementing the user interface and sound effects.

Overall, it was a tough experience, but it allowed me to learn something new, and meet new people. Even though not all the ideas were implemented, I learned a lot about Unreal Engine blueprints and I’m looking forward to joining another Global Game Jam.