Materials and HLSL

Project Type: University Assignment

Technology Stack: Unreal Engine, HLSL



This work was part of the Graphics module during my last year of university. The target was to select the theme and create 5 associated materials. The theme I chose was “Casino in Cyberpunk style”.

I decided to create the following 5 materials:

  • Velvet
  • Dissolving Logo as Decal
  • Hologram Chip
  • Fractal Art
  • Aquarium

While implementing most of these was trivial by combining math functions, noise and existing functionality, the one I enjoyed creating the most was “Fractal Art”. As I mentioned in the video, I utilised the T-Fractal, which was a good challenge to implement. However, I added a customizable “golden” spiral rotation, which refreshed some math concepts.

In general, because of this assignment, I know the basics of shader programming and feel more confident working with UVs.